Ring Bound Journals

We understand that a journal is no longer just a simple product; today there are many elements that can be part of a journal package. Codra is a one-stop shop for journals, offering a wide range of cover materials, enclosures (clasps, flaps, chains), and treatments (covers, pocket on the inside, handle) that provide a customized look and also save on cost. We are very customer service-oriented and can help you chose the right paper, cover material, size, paper weight, and texture to enhance your product. There is no better printer for your journal.

We at Codra partner with our clients to create a superior product quickly and affordably. Codra goes to great lengths to provide a positive, problem-free experience, and our employees have time-honed expertise with product formats, piece types, designs, and materials. The many options we offer include environmentally friendly recycled paper, FSC paper, and soy-based inks. By applying our technical print skill and creative knowhow, we can help you push the limits of product design.